GOCREATE is an anti Piracy technology built to monitor the usage of your musical works across digital and terrestrial platforms.

Why do you need Go Create ?

Broadcast & Retail Monitoring

Our Go Monitor service tracks Radio and Television Broadcast across Africa and other parts of the world , including Monitoring of the performance of musical works in Event Outlets, Music Festivals Banks, Airports , Trade fairs and Hotels etc.

Royalty Collection

Receive your MECHANICAL and PERFORMANCE ROYALTIES from Broadcast Stations and Event venues, including underlying Royalties Due from Digital Service Providers (DSP)

Music Distribution 

GO DISTRO is a Digital Distribution Service that enable subscribers to self distribute their Music to over 150 Digital Stores globally, the service covers Publishing Administration and Artists Service.


You can only collect your Mechanical and Performance Royalties through a licensed CMO like MCSN)

simply go to the App Store or google Play Store and download the Gocreate App or use the Web version to register as a member of MCSN

Yes you can register with MCSN and register your musical works MCSN will collect Royalties in Nigeria and other territories where it has reciprocal agreements with other CMOs and PROs

Yes you need to register , the record label cannot collect Mechanical and performance Royalties on your behalf, but a Government licensed CMO like MCSN collects Royalties from users of copyright works for onward distribution to Right owners

Go to the www.gocreateafrica.app website or Google play store or apple store search for gocreate app and download

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For your payout, there are three fields that must be filled correctly, make sure you have the

1. The name of the bank

2. Your correct bank account number .
Once this three are complete your payout is guaranteed