GOCREATE AFRICA is Africa’s First Digital CMO Platform, designed to monitor and measure the exploitation of intellectual property across digital and terrestrial platforms including Broadcast Monitoring of Radio and TV stations, Digital Service Providers (DSP) and Retail monitoring of event venues , clubs, Hotels, bars and lounges.

Gocreate Technology provides transparency to royalty distribution process by enabling personalized dashboard where Rights Holders can login and view or download the analytic reports from the usage of their Musical works and confirm mechanical and performance Royalty payout schedule

Gocreate Africa is positioned to transform the African Creative Industries into a digital ecosystem, thereby protecting right holders from infringement of their copyrights and ensuring equitable distribution of Royalties.

What do we have for you ?

GO MONITOR (Music Recognition Technology/ DIGITAL CMO SERVICE)

Designed for effective tracking and monitoring of musical works (Musi), Audio Visual Works (Films) and Literary Works( ebooks)

Our Go Monitor service tracks Radio and Television Broadcast across Africa and other parts of the world , including Monitoring of the performance of musical works in Event Outlets, Music Festivals Banks, Airports , Tradefairs and Hotels etc.

GO MONITOR has been deployed in Nigeria in Partnership with The Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MCSN)

Our Royalty Distribution System allow Right Holders to share/split Royalties among participants of a Musical work, the system also enable Collective Management Organizations to distribute Royalties seamlessly


GO DISTRO ( Music Distribution Service)

GO DISTRO is a Digital Distribution Service that enable subscribers to self distribute their Music to over 150 Digital Stores globally, the service covers Publishing Administration and Artists Service.

GO DISTRO is currently available globally via Gocreate App and Web Platforms and recently on “BLOCKCHAIN”

Subscribers in key African Territories like NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA, KENYA, GAMBIA, ZIMBABWE, GHANA and TANZANIA will enjoy free Radio Monitoring of their works as added value for the first 12 months of GO DISTRO Rollout in Africa.

Go virtual is our cloud-based video platform that creates real-time live streams to engage digital audiences and demographics around the world.

We simply use multiple viewing experiences via personalized content to maximize exceptional live entertainment delivery experience, which is also highly interactive and engaging , accessible on mobile devices . The Platform is suitable for Virtual Concerts in Multiple locations in real time.

Go Virtual is a market place for all consumers of Afrobeat Culture and African Entertainment content.

Go Virtual offers users premium subscription for it’s services as well as pay as you Go option .

GO VIRTUAL: (Virtual Entertainment /E-Commerce Platform)